Monday, December 2, 2013

Goat Problems

I bought some boots, they are dressy boots and cute. They keep my feet much warmer, but I really won’t play in the snow in them. I’ll stand in it, but that’s it. I did get more CDs in the second package, but I still want the others if you need ideas for Christmas. I'm having a hard time with insomnia and they are the ones which helped me sleep growing up. And yes, I got the pictures from Jen, but would love the senior ones! And the wallet sized one is to hand out.

I gave a talk last Sunday on missionary work. Shocking, I know, but I did really well! I really am learning a lot out here; patience, love, compassion, focus, and so much about the gospel!!! I am learning so much more than I ever learned going to seminary!!! The atonement is so amazing to learn about, and no matter how much we study we can never know it all! It’s crazy!

My companion is so cool, we have a lot of fun together, and I’m kind of in charge which is nice. My Thanksgiving was really good, and I didn’t overeat! The R family are sending their oldest son off on his mission tomorrow, and Sister R is having a really hard time! I wish I could help her more. They are really having a hard time, but I will help in any way I can.

Tell Jon happy birthday for me!

Has Britta gone to the YSA branch yet? Does she like it? I’m sorry to hear that Betty isn’t doing well health-wise, but glad she was able to enjoy time with Jenny, Kev, Tyler and Shelby. I hope she finds comfort in Christ through this rough time.

Okay so on Friday we were driving and we got stuck in mud!!! We had to  call for help! It was really funny. Then on Saturday we were stalked by goats!!! That was actually really scary! It’s actually the 3rd time that’s happened out here. Most missionaries have problems with dogs, we have problems with goats!!!! It’s really fun!

I am doing really well! Tell me more about how you are doing. I’m really excited to see my family and Riley in 23 days!!!

DO FAMILY HISTORY WORK!!! NOW!!!  If you want to give me something for Christmas let it be that! If you watch Polar Express or any other Christmas shows, think of me! I will miss being able to see them for two years but it's a small sacrifice.

I love you all! Be safe, stay warm, and be smart in all you do!

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