Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello Everyone!!!
I had a great birthday!!!! Sister McCashland went all out! All the sisters in our district went to Denny's for lunch to celebrate my birthday and they paid for me! Then we went to a super awesome family's house for a "surprise party" where we had cake! Then I got home to a house all decorated with birthday stuff and more treats, then the R family's for dinner and more cake!!!! Sis McCashland planned everything!!! She's sneaky!!!! It was a really good birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANALYN AND CODY!!! I hope you have great birthdays!!!
I am so glad you got my package and enjoyed the memory card. Most of the stuff in there is just stuff I want home, but there are books in there for you and you can look through anything you want!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and packages!!!
I loved the packages so much! Now I'm excited to break into those Christmas boxes. I have one from Gammy and Grumpy and another from mom and dad. I know I have more coming! honestly though all I want for Christmas is to see my family! That is the best gift!!!!
Something I have learned this Christmas season that is a great life lesson is, REAL CHRISTMAS TREES SUCK!!! I don't just say that because I'm allergic to them. They are so ugly, and they don't even smell good!!! Why do people like them!!! They give me headaches and make my nose all stuffy!!!! No fun!!!! ARTIFICIAL ALL THE WAY!!!!!
Its been a good week! Super busy, but really good! I do enjoy this work!!!
I am so excited to see my family Christmas day!!! I just pray everything works out and I get to see all of you! Sorry I couldn't send much for Christmas, but I hope you like what I did send! Next Christmas I'll be sending a lot more home, but that will mostly be stuff I don't want to haul home with me on the plane! Ill give you the good stuff at home!!!
Time is flying out here, I am fast approaching 6 months. It has been awesome though! Best way to spend life!
It is hard at this time of year to be away from home, but I am getting to serve a lot. we are helping provide Christmas for families and serving as much as we can!
I love you all and will see some of you soon! Merry Christmas!!!
Sister Bresia Alysse Yates

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