Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Well, its been an interesting week.  Monday- pday. Tuesday- Zone Conference, where we won the cleanest car award again!!! Wednesday- temple (the Snowflake Temple is so pretty), Thursday-Sunday flu!!! Being sick is the worst!!!!!!
I did get the packages from the Young Women, Poppy and Grandma, and Mom and Dad!!! Thank you all so much for everything! Britta your card got to me!!!!! You should be getting a package from me soon!!!! Open it Friday. And Dad, bring Brooke and Cody their stuff!!!
I'm excited to get the Christmas stuff!!!
Like I said this week has been pretty boring since I was so sick, but at least I am mostly better now!!! No great stories from this week, but that is life.
To answer a question... Yes, I still love the area I'm in. I have learned however that I WILL NOT live in a small town!!! Everyone knows everyone and most of them are related, its weird! I do miss being warm though! No, I don't really get to go to the Gilbert temple open house or anything, it is out of my mission :(
January 11, Elder Jeffery R. Holland is coming to my mission!!!!! Not only is that amazing, but we also get to see the Gilbert Mission which is awesome, because some of the missionaries I was in the MTC with will be there too, so I get to see them!!! That will be an awesome day!!!!!!
Some people have asked what a typical pday is like. On pday, we wake up have or normal scheduled until 10 then drive 30 mins into town to email, shop at Wal-mart (the only store up here), and do anything else we need to in town. Then we go back home to write letters and do laundry!!! We sometimes go on hikes, but its too cold now... pdays are great!!!

Oh Mom and Dad, I cracked and bought a humidifier!!!! It is so dry here and the dryness was killing my sinuses! So if you see a charge for 31 or so dollars that's what that is. I have made quite a few purchases with my bank card, but that is just how it goes!
By the way, I want to Skype with all my siblings I don't know if Brad and Sarah are planning on joining the Christmas call, but I want them too if it works for their schedule. I will make the call at 10 am my time. I really want to see my family!
I don't actually know what I'm doing for my birthday. My companion, Sister McCashland has a surprise so I'll let you know next week!!! But for dinner tonight we are going to the R family!!! They are the closest thing to family I have up here so I wanted to go there!

I don't know if I'll email next week or not, it depends on the library, but if not I will talk to you on Christmas!!!!
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! To those with finals, Good luck!!! For those who are struggling go read talks from this past conference!!! It was an amazing conference! It can help you!
I love you all so much! Ill talk to you next week!!! I cant wait to see some of my favorite people in 9 day!!!!!!!
Sister Bresia Alysse Yates 

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