Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas was Great!

Well Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas? Mine was amazing!!!! Mostly because I got to see my family and talk to them!!!! If none of my packages had come I would have  been totally fine because I got to see everyone!! Ya'll look so good!!! and some of you have grown SO much and have changed SO much!!!! 5 1/2 months will do that I guess!!!

I'm trying to think of good stories to share, but not much is coming to mind. I think the coolest thing was helping Santa get presents for and deliver presents to two less fortunate families and then finding out that the kids loved the gift!!! It really is nice to give! 

It was kind of nice to just get to chill Christmas day. We had lots of great visits, but it wasn't super rushed! The best (other than seeing my family) was going to visit the family we ate dinner with and playing spoons!!! So fun and I kicked butt! as I usually do! Over all, it was an amazing Christmas! Much different than at home, but still great! 

Family well done, you all make the best food in the world!! People out here are good, but ya'll are the best!!!! Like the other day, someone made the Grandma Judy Chicken, and it was okay, but Grandmas is SO much better!!!!

Oh helpful dinner tip for feeding missionaries, we love having breakfast for dinner. And we love having fruits and veggies. We get a lot of sweets so don't worry to much about giving them out, I see why state side missionaries gain so much weight! Thankfully I've got mine under control again! Not losing, but not gaining! My jeans fit again!!!

I am so sorry I haven't written people back for so long! P-days have been Crazy!!!!!
Transfers are January 7th so p-day is Wednesday next week!!!! 

Mom and Dad, I have a package coming home, just Christmas stuff I don't have room to haul around, clothes that don't fit, and a blanket that (thanks to Brad and Sarah) I don't need out here!!! (Thank you so much for the blanket!!!) If you could wash the blanket and clothes that would be awesome. The blanket hasn't been washed since before I came out, so its gross. I was too afraid of messing it up to wash it! There are also planners and letters that you can just put somewhere safe. The Christmas stuff you can keep until next November-ish and send back for Christmas.

I found out yesterday that we can go to the Gilbert Temple open house with less active members or investigators!!! I am so excited, because we have a part member family that wants us to go! That is if I'm not transferred, but I won't find out until Saturday if I'm moving.

On new years (Wednesday) we are having a zone activity with the other White Mountain zones, I am really looking forward to that!!! We get to wear pants! I love getting out of the skirt! Skirts are much colder and you have to sit like a lady in them; that is not something I am always good at!!!

That is really it for the week. Nothing new with any investigators. We did get a new one, but he is a 10 year old who just wasn't baptized at 8 so still a good thing for us, but he already knows everything he needs to know. We are just trying to get less active members back to church, much easier said than done. DON'T GET OFFENDED!!! Its dumb! The church is perfect, the people aren't! read the Uchtdorf talk!!!!!!!

Well I love you all very much! Have a great week and Happy New Year!!!!

Sister Bresia

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