Monday, December 9, 2013

Only a few days left as a teen!!!

Hello Family!

This has been a CRAZY week!!!! I don't remember if I told you last week, but we got stuck in the mud last Sunday. Not only that, but we were in the middle of no where and there were no lights around us. It was like being in a scary movie!!! Really being anywhere in the town of Clay Spring, AZ is like being in a scary movie. No paved roads and no lights, it is so scary!!! At least its mostly Mormons!!! We were stuck for like 30 minutes!!! But some members came and helped us!

Okay, nothing really happened on Monday, but Tuesday we taught a lesson to a 7 year old and her 5 year old sister. Their parents are members and want the 7 year old, Grace, to have the lessons as baptism preparation. So we are ending the lesson of the Restoration and ask if they have any questions (or to ask their parents if anything comes after we leave). The 5 year old, Tatum, asks US (OKAY FIRST their mom is almost 9 months pregnant), "How do babies get out of mommies tummies?" We didn't want to laugh and make her think she didn't have a good question, but it was so funny!!! We thankfully didn't have to answer. We referred that question to mommy, who then referred it to daddy!!! So funny!!!

Wednesday night I had an allergic reaction to something I ate. Nothing serious happened. My tongue got a little swollen and the sides of my tongue hurt really bad. A Dr in one of the wards we are in called in a prescription of some kind of number. Everyone said it would feel like when you go to have a cavity filled, but as some of you know, I have never had a cavity! Therefore, I have never had my moth numbed before. It was so weird!!! No, I have no idea what it was that caused the reaction, everything I ate I had eaten several times before... We are thinking it was something in the pizza I ate, but we don't know. I am fine though!!

Thursday night we got home and there was a super scary dark feeling in our house. We called President Sweeney and through the power of the priesthood he cast out all evil spirits! That was no fun! We slept with all the lights on that night!

There were other crazy things that happened, but those are the big ones!

It snowed again!!! It is so cold up here!!!

We go to the temple on Wednesday!! I am so excited since I haven't been since September!!!

Yesterday we went to church in Cibecue, which is always an adventure. Things were fine through sacrament meeting, until the water came around. Its pretty quiet until this little boy starts gargling the water. It was really hard not to laugh!!! Oh Cibecue!!!

Well, we have two new investigators!!! And they seem like they really are interested in learning. I will let you know how they progress as we teach them more! Pray that they realized the truth!!

 I hope all is well at home! I love you all!!!

Sister Bree  

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