Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Week!

Well hello...

First off, Kevin your mission companion Elder C (I think his first name is Dave) says hello. Yeah crazy, he is in my area. We ate dinner at his house and he said he served in Michigan. I as a side note said, "oh my uncle served there." I didn't think much of it because I assumed Kevin was older (not because you look it, but because your kiddos are teens, his are tots). Of course he asks who my uncle is and I said he would have been Elder Moss at that time. Brother C's  jaw dropped and he said "KEVIN MOSS?!?!?" I was like, "No way! You do not know my uncle!!!" Well he showed pictures and told stories and yes, he definitely knows Kev!!!! Not only that but his wife works for Deloitte. Small world! It was so fun hearing stories about Kevin. :) 

Some of you know about the Mildenhall connection already!! Crazy!

(Excerpt from an email sent by a family in the Arizona area to Brother Mildenhall who lives in our parent's ward)
"After our brief exchange this week and learning you live in the Atlanta area, we had the sister missionaries in our ward over for dinner. Imagine Sis. Yates surprise when I asked if she happened to know you! 
She is a delightful missionary and we are very grateful to have her in our ward. Would you mind letting her parents know how much we enjoyed having her in our home? 
The world is so small in the church."

Other exciting news, I saw Stephenie Meyer on Sunday. She's in the stake. She dyed her hair red (not my fav on her, but whatever, not my head). So yeah that was exciting.

I also got a much needed hair cut today. Got 2 inches off, nothing too exciting, but I feel better!

Now if only my face would stop breaking out!!!  Oh well could be worse. My weight is no longer a huge concern. I heard that the average weight gain in this mission is 30 pounds. So I'll watch myself but I'm doing way better than I could be and I don't seem to be adding on!!! 

February 5th I am having a procedure done. Not a crazy procedure, but not necessarily a fun one!  So prayers would be great. Also the pain is back and not good!!! Other than that I'm good health wise.

I might need braces though. I have a tooth on the bottom that has gone a little crazy. Mostly because the ortho who originally put the permanent retainer in did it dumb!!! I have a tooth that is no longer straight. I did get it "fixed" so it shouldn't move any more, and my retainer should be good for the rest of my mission. 

Everyone in the ward I'm in has at least like 4 kids. It is a huge ward!!! And most of the people are under the age of 12. Also 40% of the ward are in part member families, so lots of work for us! Which is good, other than the fact that they are all too busy to meet with us.  No one really tells you that most of what you do on a mission is get out of the car, knock on doors, and get back in the car. I sometimes wish we could do the good ol' tracting!!! Oh well.

We aren't working with anyone yet, but are getting there. As I said, people are busy here!!! 

Okay, I am great! I hope you are all great!!! I love you all so much! God really does love you!!!

"Do good, be good"- Sister Nichols


Sister Bresia Yates

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