Monday, January 20, 2014

Only one year left!

Hello Family and Friends!!!!

Well here I am! This week has been kind of lame because I've been sick again!!!!! Yes, I get sick a lot, but not this much in one season!!! This whole bad immune system thing stinks!!! Oh well, at least we are coming out of the sick season. When I went to the Dr last week she informed me that I will have allergy issues for the next 364 day of my life. So if you ever feel like adding to the Bresia allergy meds donation I wont deny you! Claritin is expensive!!

Yesterday was my "one year left" mark (as of right now). Crazy!!!! 

If you want to send me stuff you can totally send it straight to me my apartment # is 1013! I get it much faster when you do that. 

I love driving. Well, kind of. I am getting more comfortable doing it. I also LOVE the car I drive. Its a 2013 Toyota Corolla!!! It drives like Dad's car! Its super nice and new! Only 1,600ish miles! So nice! I will have a picture of it soon!! 

Sorry this email is so jumpy, but that's me for ya!  

I love hearing about how everyone is doing! I don't hear a whole lot about people, but I love what I do hear! 


Well I've lost weight. Not a whole lot, but I'm closer to where I was when I came out! And my Dr said that the amount I have gained really isn't bad considering what she has seen...

I have another Dr appointment today, this time with an OB/GYN.  We will decide what we will do for the rest of my mission to keep the problem under control. I really hope they just keep me on the Lupron though! It seems to work pretty well.

I'm not really sure what else so say. I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying life. I know I am.

I am in a beautiful part of the country, its January and everyday is above 70 degrees. There are cacti everywhere and the coolest trees! The rock gardens are growing on me, I still prefer grass, but the lawn of rocks is fun! The people here are wonderful. They are horrible drivers, but so kind, for the most part. 

A news channel out here did a special on the Gilbert temple. It was very well done and that temple is beautiful and huge!!!  I am excited to go to it! you should all look up pictures and videos of it! So nice! 

I hope you are all well and happy. I hope school is going well for all of you in school! I hope all of you who are waiting to hear from colleges find out soon and that it is good news! Keep me posted! 

To any that have exciting news or cool plans let me know about it! I know several are expecting babies soon or preparing to get married!!! You better send me pictures and announcements!!!!

Please keep me posted in your lives! Tell me about spring break plans or fun things you are doing! I love stories!!! And I love all of you!! 

This is the best time of life. No this is not easy. No its not always fun, but it is always rewarding. Knowing that I am helping people is the best feeling. Missions are great. to anyone thinking about going, DO IT!! Nothing will help you grow more, and not just spiritual growth! Yes that is a big one, but you grow as a person! You become more of an adult! Like now, I do the dishes. None of the other sisters I live with do, but I can't stand when there are dishes in the sink. There are several other things that have changed about me! I feel all weird and grown up now, but it is so cool!

I will get going . I love you all! Be safe and happy! Life is to short, live happy!!


Sister Bresia Yates

Driving around town and feeling good!

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  1. After being a passenger in 2 horrible wrecks, Bresia has been more than reluctant to get behind the wheel. This is a huge deal and I'm very proud of her for facing those fears and pushing through!